Brutal attack to two LGBT members of the Angels Refugee Support group

Joel and Diemercie, LGBT members of the Angels Refugee Support Group were brutally attacked last week by a gang of 10 homophobic neighbors.
Joel was gravely wounded and his jaw was shattered.
We managed to arrange a bit of for a small emergency operation, but he needs much more. He urgently needs a much more expensive operation to insert a metal to his jaw, and he and his roommates must move to a safer apartment.

Joel is in extreme pain, unable to eat or speak, and scared while the situation is getting worse with every day that passes.

This is exactly why the emergency accommodation is so essential. We must make sure that we ARSGA keep supporting our LGBTQ refugee members Friends can donate to the ongoing campaign to stop the eviction of this group from their safe space: … Part of the funds collected here will be diverted towards Joel´s urgent operation.