Missions :


  • To promote new standards of hope and equity of involvement and participation by all people


Objectives :


  • Fight the spread of HIV/AIDS, malaria, TB, Cancer and other chronic and deadly diseases through Information Education, and Communication (IEC).
  • To create, raise and promote community awareness on issues on human rights, good governance, stigma and discrimination and their causes and effects within the context of sexual orientation and diversity to the LGBTI.
  • To create a common platform for promoting health services to the community in the rural area.
  • To facilitate effective research collaborations on reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health, HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria, Cancer and other neglected diseases in Tanzania.
  • To promote the improvement of nutrition, housing, sanitation, recreation, economic, or working conditions and other aspects of environmental hygiene to community.
  • To create awareness on issues of human Rights for Youth, Women, aged, Children and, people with Disability.
  • Conduct strategic research on poverty, health and social services that affecting community.
  • To accommodate good environment/ safe place for Young Girls and women.