The Angels Refugee Support Group Association (ARSGA) was created on 17th of July 2009 by a proactive group of young refugees who have fled persecutions due to their sexual orientation in their respective countries of origin (Burundi, Rwanda and DRC) towards the republic of Uganda where they hope to find greater safety, freedom and happiness. Unfortunately, upon their arrival, they are faced with new challenges – arbitrary arrests, discrimination, corrective rape, robbery, stigma, homophobia, harassment, bullying…These challenges have most marginalized these young people and made them outcast, isolated from their family, community and society.

It is therefore noteworthy that the Angels Refugee Support Group Association (ARSGA):

  • Solidifies a confidence in the LGBTI and female sex worker refugees and asylum-seekers community that they have value and they can go after things in life that they never had thought possible.
  • Exhaustively enables a vital and crucial start in breaking the cycle of marginalization that the LGBTI and female sex worker refugees and asylum-seekers community have been subjected to for so long.



To see a world where all LGBTI persons and female sex workers are enjoying the same human rights as the host community members without discrimination.




To ensure refugee LGBTI persons and female sex workers are aware of and enjoy the fundamental human rights of all persons within cultural diverse societies.




Integrity Teamwork Partnership Honesty
Communication Respect Safety Attitude
Beneficiary service Trustworthy Diversity Individuality
Creativity Growth Achievement Competence
Accountability Community Community Quality
Commitment to success Ethical Legal Professionalism
Fairness Responsibility Consistency Empowerment
Fun Risk-taking Efficiency Balance
Loyalty Optimism Reliable Inspiring



Angels Refugee Support Group Association (A.R.S.G.A) was established to contribute to the promotion of human rights and the support (moral and health) of LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex) refugees in Uganda.




  • Inform and sensitize LGBTI refugees on topics related in particular to HIV / AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
  • Promote the defense of the rights of LGBTI refugees in all the territories of Uganda and Africa in general.
  • Promote the welfare of LGBTI refugees in Uganda and around the world.



  • Fight all forms of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity or the way some people express their gender, whether these characteristics are real or simply perceived;
  • Set up a reception, listening and assistance office for Eastern and Central of Africa LGBTI and sex workers refugees living in Uganda who have health problems and rights violations;
  • Provided water based lubricant and condoms to LGBTI and sex workers refugees living in Kampala and different refugee camps in Uganda;
  • Advise, guide, LGBTI and sex workers refugees in the asylum application and follow up in obtaining refugee status;
  • Train peer educators on LGBTI and sex workers refugees issue how will raise awareness about HIV / AIDS and STDs;
  • Provide meaningful communication to the behavioral changes of people / authorities who violate the human rights of LGBTI refugees;
  • Support professional LGBTI refugees or (MSM) with Income Generating Activities (IGAs).