A national netword of LGBT organisations to advance advocacy efforts in Sierra leone for the promotion of the rights of LGBT people in Sierra Leone

the Action for Men’s Sexual Health and Rights Network was initiated in 2011 by two organizations namely Service for Peace and Youth Advocacy Network for Human Rights, non for profit making and passionate groups of youth leaders which work for peace and human rights. Recognizing and building on the long-standing efforts of a number of organizations to advocate and protect the rights of LGBT people and organizations, These two organizations wanted to address the limited national visibility and leadership on the issue of LGBT, as well as the need for greater coordination and collective action among those working at the grassroots and national levels to end human rights abuses and violations against LGBT people and organisations.

Realizing the need for a network of organizations to address the growing concerns relating to the effective and efficient realisation of the right to LGBTI especially on issues relating to MSM in Sierra Leone; Cognisant of the fact that LGBT issues are taboo and cannot be discussed among communities especially among religious and traditional leaders and therefore posed a risk to the lives of LGBT people. Recognizing that societies are frowning on the legalization and acceptance  of LGBT issues to be specific ‘’men sexing men or women sexing women’’ as there is no room to create sperate facilities such as health for LGBT people which stigmatize LGBT people and their communities and that cannot access information on health neither their protection.

Mission :

  • AMSHRINET-SL works towards the effective and efficient realization of the Rights of LGBT people through Advocacy, Monitoring and continuous engagement with relevant stakeholders.

Objectifs :

  • Advocacy for the effective realization of the Rights of LGBT people and their organizations in Sierra Leone.
  • Build the Capacity of network members and individuals that share the same aims and objectives of AMSHRINET-SL
  • Monitor the realization of the Right of LGBT people and their organizations in Sierra Leone using the International Human Rights framework
  • Increase awareness on the Right of LGBT people and their organisations and the extensive dissemination of the LGBT human rights framework.
  • Undertake research and other studies on the actual situation of the Rights of LGBT people and their organizations.
  • Providing alternative reports on the realization of the Rights of LGBT people and their organizations.
  • Mobilize resources to support network members of AMSHRINET-SL to advance campaigns and advocacies on LGBT issues.