You might be interested to apply for a grant, so before you do please read the below information to learn if you and your organization are eligible and fit with HYLF’s funding priorities.

Which are the funding priorities?
HYLF through its Small Grants Programme supports organizations and projects led by and serving young key populations affected by HIV, with limited access to funding opportunities and working within countries and regions with diverse structural challenges.
Therefore, our funding priorities are set in line with the organizational values and may focus on specific populations and/or regions in consideration with the objectives within each Small Grants Programme.
We recommend you to check any open Request for Proposals (RFP) to identify the specific funding priorities for a Small Grants Programme.

Which activities does HYLF support?
Depending on your project’s goal and objectives, you might consider one or more of the following activities to apply for a grant:

Local, national, regional or international HIV advocacy.
For example: A national advocacy strategy to make harm reduction available to young people who use drugs; working with health clinics to change adjust their SRHR programs and services hours so more transgender youth and young people engaged in selling sex would be able to access them; asking the National Aids Council to collaborate together with your organization to develop a prevention strategy to raise awareness and create programs for young gay men and young people living with HIV.
Local peer-based HIV services.
For example: Starting or maintaining a support group for young people living with HIV to continue providing information and peer-based services; a project that helps street children and adolescents get health care; or HIV treatment and prevention education for young sex workers.
Local community mobilization.
For example: Creating a coalition to address stigma in public schools towards young people living with HIV or organizing a group of young people into a treatment activism network.

General guidelines:
Now that you’re decided to apply for a grant, here’s a checklist for you to consider:

• Ensure that there’s any open Request for Proposals (RFP)
• Identify terms and funding priorities that a Small Grants Programme considers in the RFP
• Submit just one proposal per organization
• Check the eligibility criteria to confirm that you fulfill the basic requirements
• Fill out the Grant Application Form and Budget Template available on each RFP and send these out
• Be honest in your application, and that you do not misrepresent your work or the people you work with
• Don’t forget to take a look on our “PROCESS” section to identify our grant-making process before and after you submit your proposal

How much can I apply for?
Our grants range from $5,000 – $15,000 US dollars depending on each Small Grants Programme. We invite you to check the specific RFP you are applying for to determine how much you can apply for.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to e-mail us at !